Sajid Ahmed Shaikh

Mr. Sajid Ahmed Shaikh is the Director of Sahaj Lifecare Products Pvt. Ltd. He has a Master’s degree in Commerce from South Gujarat University after which he went for Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management where he was awarded with Gold Medal. He also pursed his LLB degree from South Gujarat University.

During his course of career he was associated with few multinational Pharmaceutical companies where he started his career right from Medical representative and reached till Area Sales Manager.

During his career span of 15 years in Network marketing he has experienced a range of top management positions in various companies. He brings along with him years of Multi-level marketing know-how, expertise as well as leadership methods which are essential to encourage & motivate whole team to achieve targeted goals.

His Mission is to motivate everyone to realize and recognize inner potential which will help them to grow as an asset for personal growth and overall success.

Mukesh Ukani

Mr. Mukesh Ukani is one of the Director of Sahaj Lifecare Products Pvt. Ltd. He initiated his career with traditional marketing and gradually he shifted to Network marketing. He has an extensive experience of 10 years in traditional marketing where he played vibrant role in top level management of various companies.

He also has blooming experience of 5 years precisely in Multi-level marketing, an industry that relies on motivating and recruiting people. During this career span he served many companies at top level management. He always facilitated independent distributors to develop a solid strategy to build his/her sales network into an exponentially growing group.

Kinjal Patel

Mr. Kinjal Patel is one of the Director of Sahaj Lifecare Products Pvt. Ltd. He has an enriched experience of 11 continual years in Multi-level marketing and also has immense experience and expertise knowledge of Herbal market.

His forte is in traveling different cities and succor Regional heads in achieving targeted goals with his expertise and leadership qualities.